The Ultimate Guide to Vaping CBD Oil

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If you are thinking about vaping CBD oil but aren’t sure where to get started, you are not alone! Vaping can be a complex stuff particularly if you haven’t used the devices before. In this guide, we will talk about how to vape CBD oil including the equipment required, potential health concerns associated with vaping and the types of CBD vape oil. CBD products like CBD oil have numerous health benefits ranging from pain relief to reduced anxiety and a lot more. But is vaping right for you? Let us dive deeper into it!

Vaping CBD Oil – The Equipment

When you want to vape something, you need a vaporizer. A Vape Pen is a tiny metal device with a few parts including – 

  • A heating element
  • A battery
  • A chamber that holds oil
  • A mouthpiece

The pen-style vape is the most popular equipment which has a coil inside the chamber to hold the vape oil. The coil heats up to vaporize CBD. Tank-style vape is an alternative equipment which uses e-liquid instead of concentrated CBD oil. Such a device generates big clouds of smoke you might have seen. Tank-style vape devices are either reusable or disposable. Those who are new to the world of vaping should start with simple CBD vape pens that use CBD vape oil. They are much easier to use and allows sticking to pure, full-spectrum CBD oil without any flavouring or additives. The coil in this device does not heat up quickly and lets you avoid metal particles entering the lungs.

Vaporizer for vaping CBD Oil
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How to Vape CBD Oil

Step 1 – The first step to vaping oil is to get your device and e-liquid. If you haven’t yet got your vaporizer or vape pen, you should purchase one from either a local smoke shop or online from trusted stores where you can find a wide range of options to choose from. Next, ensure that you get the right CBD oil for the type of equipment you are using. CBD vape pens use CBD concentrates while tank-style devices use CBD e-liquids. 

Step 2 – The next step is to learn how to use the vape pen. Using a vaporizer is pretty easy once you start practicing. You can find various online tutorials that explain the right way to use the equipment.

Step 3 – Now you are ready to turn on your vape pen and enjoy your vaping session. If you are confused about how much vape oil you should use, you can start with a small quantity and increase as you get used to it. If you don’t feel the effects as expected, increase your dose until you feel good. 

Step 4 – The final step to vaping CBD oil is to make sure you keep your weed vape pens clean. Cleaning the device ensures you don’t end up inhaling the metal nano particles and get the best vaping experience every time. Vaporizers are likely to develop bacteria and mold if not taken care of, so never forget this step.